.22LR Remington Golden Bullet 40 Grain HV Plated LRN

Model #: 1500
100 Round Box
100 Round Box: 77

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40 Grain
Plated Lead Round Nose
Brass Case
1,255 FPS Muzzle Velocity
100 Rounds per Box

Remington Golden Bullet 22 Long Rifle ammo feature 40 Grain High Velocity Plated Lead Round Nose bullets. Remington Ammunition presents the shooter with an extensive variety of premium bullet developed to combine with the strict manufacturing tolerances to create ammo with which any shooter would be willing to take the perfect shot. No matter if you are putting your eyes on for Prairie dogs, Tin cans, or a bulls-eye, Remington offers the perfect 22 Long Rifle rimfire ammunition for any occasion. Remington rimfire ammunition delivers high quality due to the same level of care being put into making Remington rimfire ammunition as Remington does for centerfire ammunition producing the maximum performance from every shot you shoot. With a muzzle velocity of 1255 feet per second and muzzle energy of 140 feet pounds making the Remington Golden Bullet 22 Long Rifle an outstanding choice for practice and target shooting ammo. Remington Golden Bullet 22 Long Rifle ammo is new production, non corrosive, reloadable, and features brass casing and Boxer primers.