.308WIN Federal Premium Gold Medal Match 185 Grain Berger Juggernaut BT-OTM

Model #: GM308BH185
20 Round Box
20 Round Box: 5

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185 Grain
Berger Juggernaut Boat Tail Open Tip Match
Brass Case
2,600 FPS Muzzle Velocity
20 Rounds per Box

The Gold Medal line a perfect example of high quality components and precise detailing, creating a superior line of ammo that meets Federal’s high specifications and still beats the competition at every turn. Engineered to include a more sophisticated boat-tail bullet, the Berger line has the ability to keep a much higher ballistic coefficient all while supplying the smoothest trajectory. This is designed for less wind drift and drop promoting an optimum round for long range accuracy. With accuracy and performance in mind, Federal developed the Berger rounds with Gold Medal primers ensuring the smoothest shooting experience and a more accurate shot, each and every time. Additionally this rifle round includes Federal brass and specially devised propellant, which are designed to hold fast to Federal’s fine tuned stipulations for precision, force and velocity. Each of these rounds has been tested to ensure that the bullet dimensions are able to perform well under SAAMI specifications for OAL.