.375 SOCOM SBR Precision 250 Grain FMJ

Model #: SL3759
200 Round Case
200 Round Case: 1

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250 Grain
Full Metal Jacket
Brass Case
200 Cartridges per Case

SBR is one of the few manufacturers to offer loaded ammunition for the 375 SOCOM round, offering several different and potent loads for practice, hunting or defense. Like the .458 SOCOM, the .338 Spectre cartridge was developed specifically for the AR-15 family of gas-operated, detachable-box magazine-fed firearms. Overall loaded length is similar to the ubiquitous 7.62 x 39 M43 and .223 Remington, and standard .223 caliber AR-15 magazines will accept a limited number of 375 SOCOM cartridges.