12 Gauge Wolf Performance 1 1/8oz Power Rifled Slug, 2 3/4"

Model #: W12SLUG

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1 1/8oz. Rifled Slug
2 3/4" Shell Length
5 Shotshells per Box

12 Gauge rifled slugs made by Lapua in Germany and imported by Wolf Ammunition. Wolf Shotgun Ammunition features high velocity and exceptional accuracy with low recoil due to the use of clean burning CSB powder. They also offer advanced wad designs and precision shot and slugs which ensures consistent patterns and reliability. So whether used for hunting, varmint control or personal defense, these loads are economical and reliable.

An advanced wad design and a precision slug offer consistent accuracy. Plus high velocity with low recoil thanks to clean-burning CSB powder. Designed for smooth-bore barrels but can also be used with rifled choke tubes or fully rifled barrels. 12 gauge, 2 3/4", 1 oz. slug. Muzzle Velocity: 1,400 F.P.S. 5 rounds / box