9mm Federal Practice & Defend 50/50 Syntech Training MATCH/Federal HST JHP 147 Grain

Model #: P9HST2M100

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147 Grain
50 Rounds Syntech Training Match (Total Synthetic Jacket
50 Round Federal HST Jacketed Hollow Point
Brass Case (HST is Nickel Plated Brass Case)
100 Rounds per Box

For nearly a century Federal Ammunition has put its focus on manufacturing quality products with cutting edge technology. This dedication to excellence has given Federal a competitive edge as an ammunition technology giant. Today the company is well known for producing high grade centerfire, rimfire, and shotshell ammunition that shooters everywhere know and trust.
Federal Premium 9mm combo back includes 100 rounds: 50 rounds of 147 grain full synthetic jacket bullets for target shooting and 50 rounds of 147 grain HST jacketed hollow point bullets for personal defense. This paired combination includes grain weights matched for a familiar feel and similar practice. Federal Syntech bullet is loaded with standard brass case, consistent powders, and reliable ignition primer. HST Jacketed Hollow Point bullets offer excellent toughness, reliable expansion, and manageable recoil. Hydra-Shok is the first choice for many military and law enforcement officials across the globe, while the Full Metal Jacket is unmatched in non-hollow point technology. Full Metal Jacket bullets provide higher energy, more reliable expansion, lower risk of collateral damage, and reduced recoil. This combo package is ideal for training with value priced ammo while maintaining very similar ballistic performance to your home defense rounds. Federal Premium Practice and Defense Combo pack is non-corrosive, new production ammunition in boxer primer and reloadable brass cases.