Nosler 16319 .25 Cal 117 Grain Semi Spitzer Partition

Model #: 16319
50 Bullet Box
50 Bullet Box: 2

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117 Grain
.25 Caliber (.257" Diameter)
Semi Spitzer profile Partition
50 Projectiles per Box

Discontinued Model Number

The Nosler® Partition® bullet is the cornerstone upon which the entire company was founded on in 1948 and built upon since. It is the bullet that brought hunters from the Dark Ages of thin-jacketed, cup and draw style bullets and into the modern age with a complex jacket design that makes use of two lead cores, separated by a monolithic partition. The front lead core is designed to expand and transfer massive shock and energy while the partition houses the rear lead core to maximize weight retention. The Nosler® Partition® delivers bone-crushing energy, a massive wound channel, and deep penetration.
For over 65 years, the Nosler® Partition® has been the benchmark bullet by which all other modern hunting bullets are compared to. So, the next time you reach for a box of bullets, ask yourself, “Is it as good as a Partition?”

Note: These are projectiles, not loaded cartridges.