Sierra 1620 .25 Cal 100 Grain Spitzer Pro-Hunter

Model #: 1620
100 Bullet Box
100 Bullet Box: 1

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100 Grain
.25 Caliber (.257" Diameter)
Spitzer Profile Pro-Hunter
100 Projectiles per Box

Pro-Hunter Bullets: All bullet shapes in this classification are flat base, and they include round nose (RN), semi-pointed (SMP), spitzer-pointed (SPT), flat nose (FN), and with a hollow point (HP/FN). A few bullets in this category have Sierra’s proprietary Power Jacket to enhance bullet expansion in game animals when fired from medium-velocity cartridges. All these bullets have medium to heavy weights in each caliber, and they are designed for a combination of penetration and expansion in medium and heavy game animals for their calibers.

Note: These are projectiles, not loaded cartridges.