Sierra 2610 .338 Cal 215 Grain Spitzer BT GameKing

Model #: 2610
50 Bullet Box
50 Bullet Box: 5

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215 Grain
.338 Caliber (.338" Diameter)
Spitzer profile Boat Tail GameKing
50 Projectiles per Box

These bullets have been designed for the 338 Winchester Magnum cartridge. Controlled, but reliable expansion and deep penetration are assured by a heavy double-tapered jacket and hard core. The Sierra Spitzer Boat Tail shape assures a flat trajectory, minimum wind sensitivity and precise accuracy at long range for both bullets. The 215 grain #2610 has been designed as a higher-velocity, lighter bullet for the 338 Winchester Magnum, although it is considered light for the 340 Weatherby Magnum. This bullet is suitable for medium through elk-sized game. The #2610 bullet will reliably withstand 338 Winchester Magnum velocities. Shooters using the 338-06 or similar cartridge must keep loads with the 215 grain #2610 bullet near maximum velocity levels for reliable expansion. Hunting rifles have shown extraordinary accuracy with this bullet in spite of the robust recoil of maximum loads.

Note: These are projectiles, not loaded cartridges.