.308 WIN True Velocity 168 Grain Nosler Custom Competition HPBT

Model #: TV308CC
20 Round Box
20 Round Box: 3

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168 Grain
Nosler Custom Competition Hollow Point - Boat Tail
Composite Polymer Case
2,650 FPS Muzzle Velocity (24" Barrel, 1/12 Twist)
20 Rounds per Box

True Velocity manufactures lightweight, extremely accurate composite-cased ammunition. True Velocity’s precision engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow for substantial improvements in consistency over brass. The proprietary technology and manufacturing process, combined with progressive process and quality control standards and an ethos of excellence, yields a cartridge of unparalleled performance. True Velocity has identified more than 30 distinct advantages of composite cases over brass. In particular, the cartridge case offers a substantial reduction in weight, reduced heat transfer to weapons, significantly enhanced accuracy, more consistent muzzle velocity, reduced muzzle flash, and more efficient powder burn, as compared to brass cartridge cases. True Velocity cartridges cases are magnetically retrievable, reducing the time required for range clean-up and eliminating end-user exposure to heavy metals and toxic gases produced by spent brass cases. True Velocity ammunition is not designed to be reloaded using commercially available reloading equipment.

Nosler Custom Competition bullets blend match winning accuracy and consistency with maximum value for performance-minded shooters. Highly concentric jackets, ultra precise lead alloy cores and hand inspected quality offer competitive shooters more, for less. The small meplat, provided by the hollow point, results in reduced drag and increased aerodynamic efficiency.