.243 Win Remington Core-Lokt Tipped 95 Grain Polymer Tip

Model #: RT243WA
20 Round Box
20 Round Box: 24

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95 Grain
Core-Lokt Jacketed Polymer Tip (Green)
Brass Case
3,140 FPS Muzzle Velocity
20 Rounds per Box

Amazing Accuracy. Legendary Core-Lokt Performance. The hunting bullet of your dreams. Pairing proven Core-Lokt with advanced long-range technology, Core-Lokt Tipped's improved accuracy and ballistic coefficient deliver match-grade accuracy with unquestionable terminal performance.

Core-Lokt Tipped is the perfect choice for American big game. At impact, it's aerodynamically designed Big Green polymer tip is driven rearward causing violent expansion - producing devastating damage and dispatching game fast.